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Each affiliate of Bons & Evers Holding has its own focus and specialisation, each is a leader in its field and they reinforce each other through collaboration.

Bons & Evers Holding

Market leaders in subcontracting forgings

As specialists in hot forging and machining of brass, copper and aluminium alloys, we have become a leading supplier of forged parts for sectors such as Automotive, Sanitary, Power Management, Heating & Cooling and Valve Technology.

Focus is our strength

The strength of the BE | companies lies in our high degree of specialisation as we focus on only one alloy family at each location. This ensures optimum quality, high efficiency and short changeover times. Through close cooperation between our group companies we can offer our customers a one-stop-shop for the production of brass, copper and aluminium forgings.

We continue to improve

BE | companies are constantly working on improving efficiency through optimisation of the supply chain, reduction of downtime and improvements to the processes. We ensure standardisation of machinery and ERP- and management systems. Our ability to quickly respond to the needs of our customers is borne from an intensive exchange of knowledge, experiences and best practices between BE | companies.

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