Opening ceremony of BE | China Forging Co. Ltd. in Lingang

On April 24th 2017 the opening ceremony with ribbon-cutting ritual of BE | China Forging Co, Ltd. took place.
This ceremony of the first facility in China of Bons & Evers Holding on the Lingang Fenxian Industrial Park in Shanghai was performed in the company of the CEO Mr. Martin Evers, the management team of B&E Holding and the European subsidiaries from the aluminium division.
The Chairman Mr. Jiwei Yi and General Manager Mr. Linkun Zou from Lingang Fengxian Industrial Park welcomed the European group with warm hospitality and also attended the ribbon-cutting ritual to officially open the factory.

The Chairman Mr. Jiwei Yi of Lingang Fengxian Industrial Park expressed his warm welcome to the guests, and he also sincerely congratulated Bons & Evers Holding with the settlement of the facility in Lingang Shanghai. Meanwhile, Mr. Yi also pointed out that the Intelligence manufacturing industry is the main target group on which the Shanghai high-end manufacturing industry will focus its attention. This is also an essential and important aspect in promoting this area. The Lingang Fengxian Industrial Park highly values the cooperation with B&E, and keeps actively creating the right conditions so cooperation on a win-win basis can be achieved. Both Lingang Fengxian and B&E are the participants and facilitators of the intelligence manufacturing industry, so cooperation can be achieved to a larfe extent and new challenges can be taken up. Lingang Fengxian looks forward to a far-reaching cooperation and joint development with B&E to achieve mutual benefits.

The industrial layout and development planning of the whole Lingang area and Lingang Fenxian Industrial Park were highly appreciated by the CEO of B&E, Martin Evers. He also expects more subsequent development and cooperation with Lingang Fengxian Industrial Park and more business opportunities for BE | China Forging in this area. Meanwhile, B&E predicts that BE | China Forging will officially be put into operation in May 2018.

B&E is a worldwide manufacturer of forging parts with nearly 70 years experience. The products of B&E are applied all over the world, and the company is a Tier-two supplier of various well-known OEM’s.

B&E decided to introduce state-of-the-art production equipment, machinery and technology and set up the first high-end production location in China on the Lingang Fengxian Industrial Park. which will be a copy of production lines of the B&E’s subsidiaries in Germany and Hungary. With this investment, BE | China Forging will be able to provide high-end products to local customers which are in accordance with international standards. This will contribute to improving the position of B&E in the worldwide forging industry. This investment will also make it more attractive for the high-end intelligence manufacturing industry to settle in the Lingang industrial area.