Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Bons & Evers Holding attaches great importance to the protection of your personal details and respects the personal privacy of its business contacts and the users of our products and services. Bons & Evers Holding exclusively processes personal details as far as these are necessary for a goof fulfilment of its services. The following privacy policy informs you how we handle personal details and the way in which we protect your privacy.

Bons & Evers Holding does not provide personal data to third parties, unless the legislator requires this or unless the person whose details are being processed has granted their permission to do so.

In case Bons & Evers Holding utilizes external service providers for the execution of tasks, Bons & Evers Holding requires these external service providers or processors to equally respect the legal framework on the protection of personal details to the same extent.

Bons & Evers Holding will protect all personal details by establishing appropriate organizational safety measures and by using modern technical IT devices.

If changes occur in this privacy policy, we will publish the modified policy on our website.

Privacy Policy
Bons & Evers Holding processes your personal details carefully, safely and confidentially. It is of great importance to us that you have confidence in our organization. Therefore we like to be committed to protecting your privacy. The regulations regarding the protection of your privacy are defined in the Dutch Data Protection Law. The Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (Authority Personal Details) monitors the compliance with the law. Bons & Evers Holding acts within the framework of the law and uses, among others, the privacy documents that are available.

Structure of the privacy policy
This privacy policy explains which personal details we process and for which purpose. This policy also explains for which services we process the details and on what legal ground we have the authority to do so. Sharing personal details with third parties is discussed as well as processing personal details outside of the EU. Information has been entered with regard to the protection of personal details together with how we manage the storage time. Finally, an item has been added about which rights you have and the possibility to lodge a complaint or in which way you can contact Bons & Evers Holding.

What are personal details?
Personal details are all data that is traceable to an individual person. Examples are your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and account number, but also pictures and biometric data are personal details.

Which personal details do we use?
Bons & Evers Holding collects only personal details that have been made available to be used by Bons & Evers Holding expressly and voluntary. The information can contain among other things, but not exclusively, first and last name, address details, sex, telephone number, e-mail address and other personal details which have been made available to Bons & Evers Holding  Bons & Evers Holding will also process personal details on basis of the law requirements.

Bons & Evers Holding will keep the available personal details no longer than is necessary for the purpose for which they are collected.

The person who’s personal details are being processed, has – subject to statutory exception grounds, the right to request Bons & Evers Holding to allow access to and rectify or remove the personal details or restrict the concerning processing. The right to object to processing the details and the transfer of data also exists.
Objections and requests for allowing access to, changing, removing or transferring your personal details will be handled by us within 4 weeks according to the law and barring exceptions.

To what purpose do we use your details?
We use the above mentioned personal details amongst others for:
– General business purposes.
– To offer you a product or service.
– To enter into an agreement with you and execute this agreement.
– Tracking how and when we have contact.
– Tracking the administration.
– To make an assessment of our risks.
– To handle complaints.
– To do statistical research and market research.
– Execution and compliance with legal obligations.

Are you obligated to provide personal details?
Sometimes we are required by law to keep or provide certain personal details, for instance because of the tax legislation, to be able to order the execution of a financial audit or because of justified interests, such as record-keeping, IT purposes, management information, product and service development, marketing.

In many cases it is necessary to use some of your personal details to be able to offer you the service or the product which you purchase at our company. If that is the case, the use of your personal details is necessary for the agreement or the preliminary contractual phase.

In the cases you are legally liable to provide us with your personal details because otherwise we will not be able to meet our legal and/or contractual obligations.

Collecting data from others?
Bons & Evers Holding does not collect data from third parties. The only data we process are the details we are provided with by the person concerned.

Existence of automated individual decision-making
Bons & Evers Holding does not use automated individual decision-making, because this is not necessary for extending our services. This means, for instance that Bons & Evers Holding does not profile.

Do we share data with others?
We do not share the (personal) details you have provided with other parties, unless this is necessary for the execution of the agreement or to uphold a legal obligation.

Will your details be transferred to parties outside of the EU?
Bons & Evers Holding maintains the basic principle that personal details will only be processed within the EU. Because the Data Protection Law is applicable within the EU, we can in principle ensure a suitable level of protection.

How do we protect you data?
The protection of data is imperative to Bons & Evers Holding Therefore we see to it that several suitable technical and organizational measures are taken to ensure that personal details cannot be misused or get into the hands of the wrong person a different way. We will make sure that, in case we send your personal details to other organizations such as processors, these organizations maintain the same legal framework.

Period of retention of data
We will not store your data longer than is necessary to reach the purposes mentioned in this privacy policy and comply with the legal obligations.

Which rights do you have?
It is of great of importance to Bons & Evers Holding that you can effectively exercise your legal rights. Therefore it is very easy to contact us through our website or the general e-mail address

You can exercise the following rights:
– The right to access to your details: you have the right to access in order to receive information about which personal details we process.
– The right to change details: if the personal details which we process are no longer correct, you have the right to request changing your details.
– The right to remove details: if we no longer need your personal details for the purpose for which we have been given the details, you have the right to request to remove these details. There are a number of exceptions, such as our obligation to keep certain details, for instance for the tax authorities.
– The right to restrict details: during the period that we need to ascertain if your details should be changed, to ascertain the (un)lawfulness of the data processing, to ascertain if details should be removed of in case you have lodged an objections against processing details, you have the right to request restriction of processing the details.
– The right of data portability: at your request we have to transfer all your personal details we process to either you or another organization of your choosing. You can only exercise this right if the details are being processed on the basis of approval or agreement.
– The right to lodge a complaint: in case we process details on the basis of a justified interest or the common good, it is possible to lodge a complaint after which a comparative assessment will follow.

Currently, the website of Bons & Evers Holding does not use cookies. A cookie is a text which is placed on your computer, tablet or mobile phone when you visit a website. Some cookies are in place to ensure that the website functions properly. Others help to better attune the website to the wishes and preferences of the users. Cookies do not store personal details such as your e-mail address or telephone number, nor help the construction of a profile that can be reduced to a person.

Which cookies and why?
Functional cookies are a technical necessity to make sure the website functions as well as possible. You do not have to give your permission for the use of these cookies.

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We are obligated to ask your permission for the use of cookies that can be of influence to the privacy of the user of the website. Unless:
– we use cookies exclusively for the purpose of making sure that the (technical) communication on the website well;
– cookies are strictly necessary to supply the user of the website with the requested service;
– we use cookies to measure the quality or the effectiveness of the website and which have no or minor consequences for the privacy of the user.

Disconnect cookies
Through the browser settings of your computer you can remove the inserted cookies or disconnect new cookies. The way in which you can do this varies per browser. You can find more information in the settings menu of your browser. It is possible, that the website does not function as well as is possible, when you choose to disconnect the cookies on the website.

Lodge a complaint with the competent authorities: Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens
Bons & Evers Holding thinks it is imperative to have satisfied customers. Even though we do our utmost to pursue this goal, it is possible that you are not satisfied. It is possible to lodge a complaint with the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, in case it concerns the protection of personal details. You can do this by accessing the following website:

How can you contact us?
If you have questions, have a complaint or a remark, please contact us:
T: +31-74-2663333

Bons & Evers Holding reserves all right to alter this privacy policy at all times in accordance with the applicable legislation and regulations. Please check our website from time to time to see if alterations have been made.